Restoring External Buildings / A Specialist Spray Company's Success Story

The exterior of a building is the first impression that visitors get, and it's crucial to ensure that it's always in top condition. The team at Spraytastic in Hertfordshire has been providing quality restoration services to tired buildings using the latest spray technology. We are a highly rated team of expert decorators, and our company has been successful in transforming commercial properties across the region.

Take some time to find out more about our latest project and how our team transformed this property.

Case Study

One of our company's major projects was a factory refurbishment in Welham Green, measuring 5000 sq metres. The client's request was to clean, degrease, and remove flaking paint from the previously painted areas, including the floor and roller shutters.

Description of Works:

The team used Graco Spray units with various products to achieve the desired results. For the metalwork, they used Zinsser Allcoat, while the brickwork was sprayed using Johnsons Oil-based masonry paint. Zinsser Pega-coat was used on the floor, and Tikkurila Panssari Akva was the product used for the roller shutters.


One of the major challenges faced during the project was the problematic cold winter weather, which caused low drying temperatures and condensation on some surfaces. The team ceased work until the conditions improved. To counteract the weather challenges, the main contractor hired space heaters, which helped matters incredibly.


To complete the project, the team used scissor lifts and Graco Spray units. We ensured all personnel working at height was correctly trained, and we also ensured the correct machines were chosen for the task in hand. Working at height is a large part of our spray painting procedures, and it’s good for our clients to know we work safely and with the latest Mewp technology.

Length of Project:

The project took three months to complete, and the client was happy with the quality and finishes, please see the photography and video with this case study below. The team performed so well, communicating with the client every step of the way through the process.


Restoring the exterior of a building can be a challenging task, however our team that’s based in Hertfordshire has proven to be up to the task. With a team of experts and the latest technology, we can restore any tired building to its former glory. The success story of the Welham Green factory refurbishment is a testament to the company's dedication to quality and attention to detail.

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